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About a year ago, 18-year-old student lauren Batchelder stood up in New Hampshire and politics on the BBS to Donald trump said, she doesn't think he is a "women".

The next morning, trump on twitter, said Batchelder "arrogant young woman", and accused her of "plant" competitor activities. With the caller leave her phone started ringing off the hook threatened news often is sex.canada goose outlet Her Facebook and email inbox is full of similar messages. Social media spread her address and photo flash across her, she fled to hide.

"Someone I don't know what to do," said Batchelder, now 19 years old, never discussed her experience with reporters until now. "He's a push, is like this, but I don't know what to do, his supporters,canada goose jacket for me, this is the most terrible part."

That is what happened to trump the goal of a private citizen openly challenged him.

When trump push Batchelder in October 2015, less than 5 million of his followers, brag about, he now has more than 17 million years, "is like having a Twitter account with the New York times without loss." Twitter has become a trump card of extraordinary magic wand, let him quickly to the idea of a short, a burst of anger, or see on TV. Now he is elected President, trump's weibo only increase strength.

With a tweet, trump can change the cable news headlines, mobile financial markets or lead to world leaders worry about it. Last week, push the trump inflammation of conflict with China. On Tuesday and another twitter, trump lead to Boeing shares plunged. The third Wednesday night, trump has prompted a series of threats called union leaders home has said he is a liar.

(I am a union leader Donald trump attack. I'm tired of being lied to about our work.

Although said trump, a few months ago,canada goose parka he may give up Twitter if elected, he has little sign of that. He will soon inherit @ POTUS accounts, with 12.5 million fans.

"I think I'm restraint, I'm talking about something important," trump said in an interview this week's "today" show. "Frankly, this is a modern way of communication... I get it out much faster than a press release. I get it out more honest than processing. Dishonest reporter. Many journalists are dishonest."

Batchelder, research history and gender studies at st Anselm university in Manchester, N. H, abuse last more than a year later. Five days before the election, she received a Facebook message,canada goose outlet jacket it read: "I wish I could f - ing hit you in the face. Id and then continue to urinate on your head on the side of the road in the blood-stained mouth, I know where you live, so see you f - ing punk."

In her first semester at st Anselm in the autumn of 2015,canada goose kensington parka Batchelder decided to volunteer former Florida governor jeb bush's campaign, although her view more liberal than he is. For her, this is an interesting opportunity to learn more about the republican party. She lists the volunteer position online resume, but later realised that she really is a democrat.

On October 12, 2015, Batchelder attended in Manchester and bipartisan BBS to trump said: "so, maybe I am wrong, maybe you can prove that I am wrong, but I don't think you are a female friend."

Rather than defending himself, said he to the position of women's rights in his construction site,canada goose cheap parka and influential women in his life will fund the women's health initiative.

"I love a woman, respect women, I cherish the woman," said trump.

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Batchelder renewed calls for the microphone.

"I want to get the same as a man, I don't think you understand, if you become President, a woman will be like a person, I choose to do with my body?" She said, and then put her arm in a questioning attitude.

Trump briefly replied: "you have to do the same if you do a good job, I happen to be pro-life, understand?"

Rushing down (art: how to trump back)

CNN and other media covered the astonishing exchange, online conversation. But Batchelder night sleep think she has a moment in the spotlight ends.

After midnight, trump's director of social media to push a Batchelder social media accounts.canada goose expedition parkas Trump's supporters launched its own investigation. 39 points. , trump on twitter wrote: "those who questioned my arrogant young woman in such a bad in any fashion label is jeb staff yesterday! How could he defeated Russia and China?"

Again later that morning, push the trump: "jeb bush hopes to how to deal with China, Russia and Iran if he caught a" factory "in my speech yesterday in NH?"

Mr Bush's former spokesman, said Tim miller campaign is Batchelder ask this question.canada goose outlet parka And when employees get accustomed to trump against bush, they were shocked, he left a college student.

"If I were a factory problem, I just planted a better question," miller said.

Batchelder agrees: "why they did give me a choice? Guys, (bush) are pro-life,canada goose cheap jacket this is one of my biggest problems with the republican party. So I think:" why do they have done to me? '"

Logic is not important Internet troll, rated Batchelder appearance, threatened to rape or hurt her, called her the name of vulgar. Synthetic images pop up online painted face full of semen.

"I love social media, but I also see the terrible social media," she said. "I was trying to focus on other things, because when you see your life is in front of you, people guess you judge people, you just want to leave."

(in a tweet, garbage trump two amendments to the constitution)

Batchelder declined interview requests, ignore the hate messages and devote to play football.canada goose outlet sale She became more interested in women's issues, want to be a human rights lawyer.canada goose outlet toronto She voted for Hillary Clinton. Clinton for President.

Trump's Twitter account, said it was founded in March 2009, but the real trump began using the account as the main communication tool when he is seriously considering running for President in 2012, friends said Roger stone.

"He likes it," stone said on Thursday. "This is to let his election - call a spade a spade."

Trump decided to many of his weibo "a young woman working in his office.

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